Your Appointment

Your-Appt  On the first visit, each client is expected to fill out a health history form.  This is to ensure the client’s safety, as massage can greatly affect what is going on in the body.  In some instances the therapist may ask for a doctor’s approval before massage may be received.

To help customize every visit, each session will begin with a short consultation between the client and therapist.  This gives the therapist a chance to learn what the client’s expectations of the visit are, any changes in health since the last visit, and what the results of the previous massage were.

For the massage session, the client is only expected to undress to his or her comfort level.  The therapist will always step out of the room while the client gets both on and off the table.  While on the table, modest draping is required following the Oregon Massage Board regulations.  Communication is very important during the session so that the client receives the correct amount of pressure.  The client should never hesitate to let the therapist know if he or she is uncomfortable in any way during the session.

Following the massage, advice or homework may be given to help achieve maximum benefits of the massage.  This also helps to achieve the client’s health goals.  Questions are also encouraged at any time before, during, or after the session.

Drinking plenty of water on the day of the massage is very important.  Keeping well hydrated helps to replenish the body’s muscles with much needed nutrients after toxins have been pushed out.